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A message to free people throughout the world

We speak for ten trillion unborn souls that are screaming in desperation for you to wake up and fulfill your responsibility as a free person to do what is necessary to protect and enhance the opportunity for freedom for all human beings for all time.

Our world is filled with hate and violence that is born from ignorance, poverty and despotism. Barbaric humans are inflicting their will and with it pain and suffering on other humans. Terrorists are wreaking havoc randomly on innocent humans throughout the world. Billions of people are still shackled to fear, hunger and intimidation of the worst kind. This must stop, and it can stop when all humans are free. It is time to take freedom to the next dimension. A dimension that includes every human being having the protection of all other human beings to fundamental freedoms of self determination and the right live life without domination of any sort and with the ability to do what you want, say what you want, go where you want, and be what you want as long as you aren’t taking away from the rights of others. This can happen and it will happen in your lifetime.  We can replace hate with the love of freedom and respect for all people.  We can replace violence with peaceful productivity.  This can happen if you take your responsibility to freedom seriously.  You can make freedom happen, and you can make it happen a lot faster than you may think.

Each of you, no matter how small, poor or insignificant you think you may be, has an important contribution to make to the future of freedom for humanity.  If you accept the challenge you will become an important part of the greatest movement in the history of humanity.  You can make your contribution to freedom, first by understanding the full message of freedom and then by pledging yourself to do; what you can, whenever you can, wherever you are, with whatever you have, to advance the cause of freedom. This is the most noble cause you can pursue, because, to advance the cause of freedom is to advance the cause of humanity.

Remember this, no matter how insignificant you think you are, you are infinitely more powerful to influence the course of humanity than the most powerful leader 10,000 years from now.  That leader is begging you now to help create an environment for freedom that allows the citizens of the future to achieve their potential. If we don’t take the right steps now and have the courage to fight for truth, justice and maximum individual freedom, then the leaders of the future will be helpless to do good for their people, and the cause of humanity will have been lost to ignorance and selfishness.

You have the power to make freedom happen on a world-wide basis. Together we can develop into pull a powerful, focused force to move freedom to the next dimension, but we need your support.


It is only through recognizing the essential link between freedom and life itself that we can fully appreciate the importance of our fight for freedom.

We humans are all the same.  We might have a different color, or a different sex, or a different age or a different language or a different religion, but we are essentially all the same.  We are bound by a common genetic code, by a common planet, a common ancestry and a common destiny. We all want to raise our families in peace and security and help our children develop to their potential and live a better life than ourselves. To accomplish this we need to have a common philosophy that embraces individual freedom, responsibility, independence and privacy. We are equally miracles of conception, and we have an equal right to live in freedom.  Freedom is in fact what defines us as human beings, and to live in a world where many of our fellow human beings live outside of freedom is a travesty of gigantic proportions. Universal freedom is as essential to the survival of humankind as air and water. Until all humans are free none of us are truly free, and we will live in the dark ages until we achieve the next great step of universal human freedom.


We are here for a very important purpose.  We are here to achieve our potential as human beings to do good in the universe.  We all know what good is, but it is worth a little further explanation. To do good is to create a positive environment for the development of and respect for life. To be good is to be compassionate, understanding, helpful, generous, and thoughtful. To be good is to care about others as much as we care about ourselves. We are here to press ourselves to our physical, spiritual and intellectual limits and to expand our knowledge and technical capabilities so that we can be as strong a force for good as possible.  Of course love is the ultimate state of being good and the ultimate force in the universe.  We are here to achieve our potential as an intelligent life form to understand and experience love.

But without freedom there is no love, because love is voluntary, and you have to be free to give it. Without freedom there is no good, because good is voluntary and you have to be free to be good.  Without freedom there is no human progress.  Without freedom there is no religion, because religion is an expression of free will.  Without freedom life is meaningless.

So good also means strength and dicipline, and a willingness to sacrifice and to fight for freedom even if it means giving up your life.

In the future humanity will be challenged by worldly and cosmic forces far more powerful than we can possibly imagine today, and we must be ready for them. There is no way to prepare for these challenges until we first overcome the fundamental challenge of universal human freedom.  Once we have achieved universal freedom humanity will unleash a force so powerful that time itself will be measured from that point.

Humanity’s destiny is to achieve universal freedom by the end of the 21st century.  We can and we will make this happen.




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