Welcome to the MI FRIP Website

 Welcome to the next dimension of freedom, where responsibility is freedoms’ equal partner, and where individual independence and privacy are essential to the freedom definition.

There are many great causes in the world, but there are none greater than the cause of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Individual freedom and the opportunity for self-determination is the greatest gift the universe has to offer. Freedom is the lifeblood of our existence. Without it there is no humanity. Without it there is no love, no progress and no purpose. Freedom is the mother of all religions and the father of all progress.

Individual freedom is a natural right that must be shared equally by all humans, irrespective of their color, age, sex, ethnicity and personal beliefs. Until all humans are free none of us are free. Freedom is a human right that is worth fighting and dying for. Freedom is also a huge responsibility, that we are only just beginning to understand.

Responsibility is the next dimension of freedom and its equal partner.  Without responsibility freedom is short lived and humanity is unable to achieve its potential for human progress. Without an equal measure of responsibility the incredible power unleashed by a free society can be misdirected resulting in disastrous consequences.

As we expand the concept of freedom to include responsibility we must also include independence and privacy. To be free we must be independent and to be free we must protect our privacy.

Our sole purpose is to advance the cause of freedom throughout the world. To that end we have developed a simple philosophy we call the MI FRIP Philosophy.  MI FRIP stands for maximum individual freedom, responsibility, independence and privacy.

We believe in truth and justice as the foundation of a free society. We believe that in order to maximize human progress we must first Maximize Individual Freedom, Responsibility, Independence and Privacy. We believe that each of you, no matter how small, poor or insignificant you think you may be, has an important contribution to make to the future of freedom.

This site is dedicated to the proposition that all humans can be united under a common philosophy, that respects the God given rights of every human to self determination. No government, no religious organization and no corporate bureaucracy has the right to usurp the natural rights of the individual.

This site is also dedicated to the proposition that America is an exceptional country with a unique privilege and opportunity to lead the world to universal freedom, peace and prosperity. America is much  bigger that its physical boundaries. America is an ideal, a philosophy of life, and a pathway to freedom for the rest of the world.

Truth, Justice and MI FRIP is a world wide simplistic philosophy. Today we are embryonic but In time MI FRIP will become a powerful movement. It has no political agenda. We will support any and all efforts to advance the cause of individual freedom. We welcome your intellectual support, your time and any other resources you are willing and able to provide, no matter how small they may be.

Until all humans are free none of us are truly free.  Until women are treated equally with men we are not truly free. Until all humans have an opportunity to become educated we are not truly free. We believe that universal freedom is attainable by the end of the 21st century and we will do everything we can to achieve that goal.

We can and we must win this struggle for freedom.  When we do, we will unleash power and human progress far greater than anyone has ever imagined.